Starting Next Week: The Action Chick COMIC!

| January 27, 2010

She came, she saw...

The popularity of our partner Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill has grown by leaps and bounds. One year ago this month, because her film reviews had grown so popular, she branched off into her own website, Since last spring, her following on twitter has grown to nearly 34,000 and just keeps growing every day. […]

Catch Us at Comic-Con 2009 (with Adam West update)

| July 20, 2009


Join Alex, Nick, Marko, Ultimate Tommy, and friends for San Diego Comic-Con International panels this Friday and Saturday. This just in: Adam West (Batman TV series, The Family Guy) is joining Dr. Travis Langley (Papa Llama around here), Dr. Robin Rosenberg (editor, The Psychology of Superheroes), Jerry Robinson (artist, creator of the Joker), Steve Englehart (comic book writer, “The Laughing Fish”), and Michael Uslan (producer, “The Dark Knight) to discuss exactly how crazy the Joker really is.

This Week at Rocket Llama!

| June 20, 2009


Friday: D&D 4th Edition: One Year Later Thursday: Rocket Llama Presents: The Revenge of Bowser Von Uberdog Wednesday: Action Flick Chick Talks to Stunt Master David Leitch Tuesday: Symphony of the Llama, Page 33 Monday: Blog-It Llama! The Joy of PWNING N00BS

Where is Rocket Llama?

| June 7, 2009


For the next week, anyone visiting will get directed to our Blog-It Llama! page while we finally restructure the homepage. The newest comic will be right where it’s always been.

Llama Sightings: Bolivian Llama Crossing in Seattle, Wash. (Llama Seating Too)

| May 28, 2009


When Sarah “The Fizz” Fuller happened upon a Bolivian restaurant in Seattle with these llama crossing and seating signs, she felt compelled to try the place out and to send us these pictures. (She had lamb.)

Palace in the Sky Interview

| March 17, 2009


The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama is part of the Palace in the Sky network of science fiction, fantasy, and humor webcomics. Here is what Alex and Nick had to say in a Palace in the Sky interview.

Working with David Mack: Fantastic Friday the 13th

| March 13, 2009


Nick’s busy making a comic book with David Mack today. More details will follow.

Llama Sightings: Rocket Llama Meets Bob the Angry Flower

| March 3, 2009

You will like Bob when he

Rocket Llama meets Bob the Angry Flower.

Blog-It Section Progress Report

| February 11, 2009


We’ve imported all of Papa Llama’s reports into this new Blog-It Llama! section, but that was the easy part.

Llama Sightings: New Year, New Sightings, New Llama in Billowing Red Neckwear

| January 23, 2009

Earlier this month, the eponymous hero of Drew Desjardin’s series Two Cent Llama spent a week in a cape, starting with the January 12 comic. It’s not Rocket Llama. We know that. But boy, does it remind of us of certain Rocket Llama images, considering how cape-like that billowing red scarf looks the way Nick draws it sometimes.