Your Next Door Neighbor is a Dragon

| August 4, 2009


Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon is a startling look at the depths of perversion that grip our society in an ever-tightening chokehold that threatens our very way of life! Not really, but it is a book written by Zack Parsons that records some of the weirdness of the weirdos floating around the internet. Those […]

Make Mine Marvel (for now): A review of Captain America #600 + a small look forward

| June 29, 2009

Alex Ross Cover for Captain America #600

As mentioned in a previous article, Captain America #600 came out recently. Filled to the brim with content, they made you really feel like this issue was a celebration. Instead of one, thick story, the issue is comprised of many different stories setting up for stories to come and give some extra perspective on how the world has been dealing with the death of Captain America.

Some of us never get past eighteen: A review of LOST AT SEA

| June 23, 2009

Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O

This book has given me greater respect for Bryan Lee O’Malley. Scott Pilgrim is a great body of work, but this book proves that he’s capable of so much more. “Lost At Sea” is about a girl named Raleigh tagging along with some fellow college classmates that take a trip to California. She actually has […]

Whalecrash: Catnip Stash

| May 2, 2009


From Kneon Transitt: “Whalecrash! is an experimental constrained webcomic created with Twitter. The dialog is tweeted via @whalecrash and pulled into the strip itself. This way I can create a new strip on the fly whenever the mood strikes me, and from anywhere… New art every week, new dialog several times per day. Oh, the humanity!”

Recommended Reading: Children of Armageddon

| March 20, 2009


Zuda comic endorsement: Children of Armageddon has great comic book style art, interesting characters, and the story that, out of all ten competitors, most makes me want to know what happens next. Chris Meeks has packed a lot of story into those 8 frames.