SDCC 2012: Supernatural Recap

| July 19, 2012

This year at Comic-Con, the cast of CW’s Supernatural returned to show off new clips from their show. First were some clips from season 7 as a reminder of the journey so far. Dean’s faced hell before, but now he’s trapped in purgatory. Bobby may have “died” last season, but Jim Beaver strongly implied that […]

Doctor Who at SDCC 2012: Cowboys and Dinos and Groundhogs, Oh My!

| July 18, 2012

After many fans waited 14 hours or more, they were treated to Doctor Who’s return to SDCC’s legendary Hall H yet again this year, bringing Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Stephen Moffat to the states. They showed a few clips, a couple of which came from the upcoming season. One clip came from […]

Comics Bulletin Interview: Getting Inside Batman’s Head

| March 31, 2012

Comics Bulletin writer Laura Akers attended one of my WonderCon presentations this month and later interviewed me about some things I had to say about what goes on beneath Batman’s cowl. My 2012 WonderCon panels: “Psychology of Batman” Robin Rosenberg & Travis Langley. My part: “Batman vs. Hamlet” “Lessons Learned from Batman about Female Superheroes […]

Adam West Gets His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

| June 22, 2011

Yesterday the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Committee announced its new honorees for Walk of Fame stars in 2012, and finally the list included our pal Adam West. “Still in shock today after getting the news,” Adam said. “Thank you to all of my amazing fans, friends, and family for making this happen. […]

Stan Lee with John Romita, Jr. – Heroes’ Origins: Super Orphanage!

| May 25, 2011

While working on my chapter about why Batman works with a boy sidekick, I’ve been contemplating how and why the most famous superheroes all tend to be orphans. For Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, their parents’ and surrogate parents’ deaths are integral to their origins. Daredevil too. Robin’s origin was a deliberate reflection of Batman’s own. […]

WonderCon Report: Dark Horse Goes All Whedon on Us!

| April 15, 2011

Dark Horse Goes All Whedon On Us! I don’t know what I expected when I stepped into the Dark Horse panel at WonderCon. I was sure there would be announcements and discussions about their comic line. I didn’t really expect it to turn into a Joss Whedon love fest. Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

WonderCon Report: DC Nation’s Flashpoint!

| April 12, 2011

DC Nation What happens when you turn up to a panel about DC Comics right before something big is going to happen in the DC Universe? Nothing, that’s what. DC Nation was entertaining as always at WonderCon in San Francisco but Dan DiDio had clearly decided loose lips sink ships. With DC in the start […]

WonderCon Report: Who Let the Penguin In?

| April 11, 2011

Who Let The Penguin In? Growing up I lived on comic books but they were not my only source of entertainment. I was absolutely in love with Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County. I read every strip and bought every book. It was a sad day for me when both of those strips ended. Last […]

WonderCon Media 2011

| April 9, 2011

As the San Diego ComicCon gets harder and harder to get into, I think the San Francisco WonderCon is going to get more and more movie and TV companies coming in to show their goods. WonderCon is no where near the size of San Diego yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this […]

Comicpalooza Press Release!

| January 24, 2011

*COMPICPALOOZA FILM FESTIVAL OPENS FOR SUBMISSIONS* For Immediate Release: Houston, Texas – January 21, 2011 – SplatterFest will be hosting the Comicpalooza Film Festival May 27-29, 2011 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Special guests include Tony Todd (CANDYMAN, STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION), and Linnea Quigley (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, A […]