Three Weeks with Diablo III

| June 4, 2012

After more than ten years in development, Diablo III has finally arrived! Despite its rocky launch with first-night server difficulties, the game is a resounding success. Over six million copies sold in the first week alone, and now, three weeks after its release, we can look at the game as a whole, taking in both […]

The Psychology of Harry Potter – Another Orphan Boy Who Grows into a Hero

| May 21, 2011

The Psychology of Harry Potter proved to be more relevant to Batman than I’d expected – so relevant, in fact, that I felt like I should never have been surprised. The book has two sections full of chapters that are very relevant to Batman, another orphan boy who grows up to be a great hero. […]

D & D Ritual Report part 5 – 21-30

| January 29, 2010

Mmm, Sphere of Annihilation, how I

Alex here, with the maximum level of Ritual Report! In part 5 we’ve got the best and the brightest rituals that you can pick up as level 21-30 characters! These are the top dogs of the spellbooks, the senior spells that make the wimpy freshman give up their lunch money! The baddest of the bad, […]

D & D Ritual Report part 4- Levels 16-20

| January 15, 2010


Alex here, with the return of the Ritual Report! In part 4 I’ve covered the coolest and weirdest rituals that you can pick up as level 16-20 characters! Now that these characters are getting pretty high level, their powers are starting to get pretty darn impressive! BEHOLD! Adjure- Commands an immortal creature to do what […]

D & D Ritual Report 3- Levels 11-15

| January 4, 2010


Alex here, with part 3 of the Ritual Report! I’ve covered the most fun and interesting rituals that you or your spellcasting loved ones can pick up as level 11-15 characters, so take heed and go nuts! Dark Gift of the Undying- Let’s you turn someone else into a vampire. Give the gift of vampirism, […]

Dungeons and Dragons Ritual Report 2 – Levels 6-10

| December 16, 2009


Alex here, back again with another edition of Ritual Report! Again, there are plenty of stat boosting spells that I’ve skipped, but you don’t really need me to tell you why it might be useful to have +10 to a strength check or breathe underwater, so I’ll leave you to figure those spells out on […]

D&D Ritual Report – Levels 1-5

| December 7, 2009


Magic is a staple of D & D with a long, grand tradition behind it. Wizards, clerics, druids and all of their offshoots have always been able to summon incredible, world altering powers in order to triumph over whatever trials and tribulations have been placed in front of them. 3rd edition spellcasters were especially potent, […]

Meet the Mage!

| October 15, 2008

Well folks, the new patch is hot around the corner, with promises of a sample spoon of the glorious ice cream that is Northrend. We’re gonna cram in some news on the classes as much as we can, until it becomes old news when 3.0.2 hits. Until then, it is time for you, dear reader, […]

D&D and Separation Anxiety Part 3: Pathfinder vs. 4th Edition

| August 28, 2008

Product Details

Disclaimer: Be warned, there is heavy nerd content to be read ahead. I try to not lose you in the lingo being thrown around. If you’ve played roleplaying videogames, then you should be able to understand what I’m talking about. If you’re familiar with D&D, you should be able to follow all of it very easily. If you don’t fall into those two categories, I hope I don’t lose you in the next few paragraphs.

Dungeons and Dragons and Separation Anxiety: Part 1

| August 5, 2008

D&D is pretend with rules, dice, and paper.