Front and Center: The Psyche of Superheroes

| February 20, 2011

Wayne Bryant interviewed me about the psyche of superheroes: What does Batman tell us about ourselves? Perhaps an even better question is, what do our thoughts about him and the fact that so many people think about Batman say about our society? Travis Langley, Ph.D., a professor at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, researches those […]

Whalecrash: Catnip Stash

| May 2, 2009


From Kneon Transitt: “Whalecrash! is an experimental constrained webcomic created with Twitter. The dialog is tweeted via @whalecrash and pulled into the strip itself. This way I can create a new strip on the fly whenever the mood strikes me, and from anywhere… New art every week, new dialog several times per day. Oh, the humanity!”

Blog-It Section Progress Report

| February 11, 2009


We’ve imported all of Papa Llama’s reports into this new Blog-It Llama! section, but that was the easy part.

“We Have a Llama!” or “How Much the Creators of a Webcomic That’s ‘Kid Friendly’ Love Plenty of Webcomics That Are Not”

| December 16, 2008

Here we are putting out a fairly family friendly webcomic with DuckTales type stories when we ourselves enjoy a lot of comics that aren’t for the kids – not that plenty of kids don’t enjoy them too, but you know they’re not targeted at tykes.