Interview: Goldilock Returns (Zuda Winner Adam Lucas)

| February 23, 2010


In September we talked to Adam Lucas about his webcomic Goldilock, which he’d entered in that month’s competition for a contract with DC Comics’ Zuda online division. And lo and behold, Adam won! Tomorrow Goldilock returns to Zuda, launching its weekly run that will add 52 more pages to the 8 we already saw during the contest. […]

“Action Flick Chick Is Really Felicia Day”

| July 7, 2009


In the last two months, our friend the Action Flick Chick, as @actionchick because of as 15-character username limit, has picked up over 17,000 followers on twitter. She’s popular. Deservedly so. Here we discuss that popularity, review the Chick’s twitter activities as @actionchick, and finally note someone’s fascinating suggestion as to the Chick’s true identity.