Three Weeks with Diablo III

| June 4, 2012

After more than ten years in development, Diablo III has finally arrived! Despite its rocky launch with first-night server difficulties, the game is a resounding success. Over six million copies sold in the first week alone, and now, three weeks after its release, we can look at the game as a whole, taking in both […]

Pretty (Stupid) in Pink

| October 22, 2008


Pretty (Stupid) in Pink Blizzcon rockets forward this week, and already the news from them is earth-shaking. They’ve unveiled a new class for Diablo III, the Wizard, a time-bending master of all things arcane. Sounds pretty tasty. Street Fighter IV is getting some characters that are exclusive to the home consoles, one of whom is…wait […]

The Force Underwhelming/News from the Tundra

| September 28, 2008

The Force Underwhelming & News from the Tundra It’s been a bit of a slow week, internet wise. Rock Band 2 hit the shelves and immediately rocked so hard that copies of the game flew off, as if some unseen undulating rock rhythm was calling them home. The rumor mill ground out that some blizzard […]