Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope – The Fan Candidates

| June 14, 2010

Morgan Spurlock, Joss Whedon, and Stan Lee want you! As our friends at recently discussed, Morgan Spurlock of Super-Size Me fame and infamy is teaming up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and endless-superheroes creator Stan Lee, backed by Thomas Tull, to follow 7 fans around during this July’s San Diego Comic-Con International. The lucky few […]

Interview: Goldilock Returns (Zuda Winner Adam Lucas)

| February 23, 2010


In September we talked to Adam Lucas about his webcomic Goldilock, which he’d entered in that month’s competition for a contract with DC Comics’ Zuda online division. And lo and behold, Adam won! Tomorrow Goldilock returns to Zuda, launching its weekly run that will add 52 more pages to the 8 we already saw during the contest. […]

Interview: Villain (Zuda Competitor Greg Smallwood)

| December 19, 2009


Each month DC Comics pits comics creators against  each other to compete for a contract producing their webcomic series for DC’s online division, Zuda Comics. This month two different entries focus on costumed superpeople, and this week we’re interviewing the creators of both. A few days ago we spoke with Luciano Vecchio whose work The Unseen Tribe […]

Interview: The Unseen Tribe (Zuda Competitor Luciano Vecchio)

| December 15, 2009


Our series of interviews with competitors in DC Comics’ monthly Zuda contests continues this week with a pair of interviews with current competitors, featuring the creators of comics featured costumed superfolks. Later this week we’ll speak with Greg Smallwood, creator of Villain, but let’s start with Luciano Vecchio about his work, The Unseen Tribe. Llama: […]

Interview with Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part Three: Why Do Steampunk?

| November 22, 2009

from Sidewise p. 11

Previous Posts: Interview with Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part 1: Why Do Webcomics? Interview with Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part 2: Why Do Zuda? Here we conclude our interview with Zuda Comics webcomic competition winner Dwight L. MacPherson, author and creator of the series Sidewise along with quite a bit more.  Llama: Is this a story […]

Interview with Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part 2: Why Do Zuda?

| November 12, 2009

from Sidewise p. 8

Previous Post: Interview with Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part 1: Why Do Webcomics? In part 1 of our interview with Dwight L. MacPherson, author and creator of the webcomic Sidewise which you can read at DC Comics’ online Zuda Comics, we discussed reasons for doing webcomics.In part 2, we discuss Zuda itself. Llama: Is […]

Interview: Blitz (Ted Dawson, Zuda Competitor)

| October 21, 2009

Zuda entry Blitz

As fans of older comics, we’re always looking for comics that remind us of the classics, whether that means in terms of story, setting, or artistic style. This month’s Zuda Comics competiton from DC Comics includes two black-and-white comics – one currently at #1 in the contest and the other at #10, bookending the ranks. While Pluck […]

Interview: Pluck Creators Gabe White and John Amor (Zuda Competitors)

| October 14, 2009

Pluck - at Zuda Comics

After Walter Williams, creator of danger-prone clay hero Mr. Bill, became a full-time staff writer for Saturday Night Live, he said writers would arm wrestle to see whose skits would air. Instead of making online cartoonists arm wrestle, each month DC Comics’s Zuda line of online comics pits the creators of 10 different 8-page webcomics […]

Interview: Lily at the Launch Pad (Adam Atherton, Zuda Winner)

| October 9, 2009


In May we talked with cartoonist Adam Atherton about his 8-page entry in Zuda Comics’ monthly competition. At the end of the month, Adam’s creation, Lily of the Valley, beat nine other webcomics to win a contract to continue his story in DC Comics’ Zuda line. Adam won! And now, with summer having come and […]

Interview: Goldilock (Zuda Competitor Adam Lucas)

| September 25, 2009

From Goldilock by Adam Lucas.

Each month Zuda Comics (DC Comics’ webcomic line) strands the creators of ten online comics on an island in that great contest called Survivor – Zuda. We all get the opportunity to vote them off the island. At the end of the month, the sole survivor gets to go home alone and with a contract […]