Don’t Lose That Teddy! Snuggle Truck Game Review

By - June 17, 2012

So you want to be a Snuggle Truck driver? Well, son, transporting loads of snuggly stuffed animals ain’t all fun ‘n’ games. Rough roads, ornery vehicles, long hours… it’s a hard day’s work, that’s fer sure. But if yer willin’ to log the time to get them stuffed animals from point A to point B… Snuggle Truck might be the game fer you.

In a nutshell: Snuggle Truck puts the player in control of a truck driver transporting stuffed animals to the zoo (a zoo for stuffed animals, it appears). In-game physics and rocky terrain make each level a battle to keep the stuffed animals from falling out of the back of your vehicle. The video game is available for the PC, Mac, and iOS.

Snuggle Truck is a simple, simple game. You drive a truck through a variety of locales and try to keep as much of your cargo intact as possible. The game throws in a few powerups once in a while for variety, but for the most part things are pretty straightforward. Making it to the finish line with a load of stuffed animals can bring the occasional thrill, although screwing up and watching the fuzzy bunnies and bears go flying is good for a giggle.

Game features: A variety of levels categorized from easy to extremely difficult, as well as tons of levels created by their online player community.

Overall, Snuggle Truck is a simple and fun distraction with plenty of updates available and free online levels to keep the game interesting, but anyone looking for a game with some depth to it may want to check elsewhere.

You should play this game if you like cuddly stuffed animals or enjoy controlling vehicles that are perpetually teeter-tottering on the edge of crashing.

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