The top ten historical figures who most frequently meet time travelers

| September 29, 2011

10. Napoleon Bonaparte 9. Joan of Arc 8. Marie Antoinette 7. Napoleon Dynamite 6. Billy the Kid 5. Cleopatra 4. King Arthur 3. Albert Einstein 2. Genghis Khan 1. Abraham Lincoln It’s also important to note that due to circumstances of time travel, most of these people have also met each other, as sometimes time […]

Time Traveling Hook-ups!

| September 28, 2011

Time traveling hookups are, in general, a terrible idea. You never know whose great-grandmother/father’s pants you’re sticking your hand into, and you might be really messing up someone’s bloodline by throwing that person off the course from who they’re supposed to be with. Which could be disastrous for you if that person happens to be […]

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City press release!

| September 26, 2011

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City delivers a true third person team based shooter experience set within the dark and sinister Resident Evil universe and a reinterpretation of the events depicted in Resident Evil® 2 and Resident Evil® 3. The setting of the Resident Evil universe not only provides a rich backdrop to the action but […]

Memoirs of a Time-Traveling Transvestite Geisha

| September 14, 2011

Despite the rampant ways that time travelers have suffered excruciating and diverse deaths, most spend their entire lives without ever once dying, or, at the very least, without dying more than once, all thanks to planning ahead. Appropriately organizing for time travel can make the whole ordeal a more pleasurable and worry-free experience. A man […]

Kids- Time Travel and Magic Don’t Mix!

| September 13, 2011

If a magic spell is what you used to travel through time, for heaven’s sake say the spell correctly. Many a time traveler has unwittingly unleashed an army of darkness upon the land, just because they were too lazy to remember exactly how the spell goes. Also, it never hurts to drink plenty of water […]

Batman and Sons and… How Many Kids Does He Have?

| September 7, 2011

  Talia al Ghul and Catwoman Selina Kyle each become mothers. Bruce may have fathered either, both, or neither of these of these kids. Talia brings a son who looks like young Bruce Wayne, the boy Damian, of about the same age as when Bruce lost his parents. Selina gives birth to a daughter she […]

Time displacure: more annoying than hip displacure

| September 1, 2011

Have you ever been a married father of three only to wake up as a single millionaire playboy version of yourself? Perhaps you’re a hard-working inventor who doesn’t make enough time for his girlfriend, and suddenly you find yourself as a single, homeless dude! Have you ever been walking home from Kentucky Fried Chicken and […]