Why Is a Kid Batman’s Crimefighting Partner?

By - July 12, 2010

I’m getting ready to do a panel at Comic-Con later this month to discuss Batman’s crimefighting partnerships. Last year Dr. Robin Rosenberg and I got to discuss the psychopathy of the Joker with creator Jerry Robinson, “The Laughing Fish” author Steve Englehart, The Dark Knight executive producer Michael Uslan, and TV’s original Batman himself, Adam West. This year Michael Uslan joins us again along with Dennis O’Neal and Tommy Cash. While getting ready, I tweeted the question, “Would there be any practical reasons for Batman to have a kid for his crimefighting partner?” Through twitter and Facebook, I got these answers:

@MaxWeb: It’s cheap labor… Gets kids meal prices, gets into theatre for kids prices, smaller costume = cost saver…
rickswift: In case he ever has to fight “Mold Man” his boy wonder can crawl into the ducts? That’s all I got tonight.
@listerart: None whatsoever. I totally get Batman until Boy Wonder comes into the picture. Always jumped the shark for me right there.
@Nevermore23: non that i can Think of. just a lot of emotional ones. i mean maybe he could get into small places to find clues? haha
@jimmyjone: Maybe just to train the next generation of Batman?

Russell Allen Pinkston: If Batman had a kid…I think his kid would be like Hit Girl and be fighting crime right along with him.
Richard Purnell: actually Batman does have a Kid now. Damien Wayne. you could say he is, at first, a More annoying male version of Hit-girl. He is Robin Right now in the Comics. oh no did my Nerd just Show? lol
Russell Allen Pinkston: Nope your Nerd has been showing the whole time!
Richard Purnell: ah…..well this is awkward haha
Alex Langley: People aren’t going to take a kid seriously, and they’ll all focus on Batman, letting Robin kick them in the taints from behind.
Jim Mack McGee: Practically speaking I think it’s a way to sell more comic books to a younger crowd…Oh you mean “make believe” hmmm no reason I can think of.
Christoffer Andersson: Apart from “grooming his successor” I can’t really see a plausible reason. Can’t be the lack of babysitters in Gotham anyway, he’s got Alfred for that.

See you at Comic-Con!

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