Noobcraft: Starcraft 2 Beginner’s Guide

By - May 28, 2010

Starcraft 2 is an incredibly complicated game, one that is likely to be completely overwhelming to a new player. I’m here to lead you by the hand through the darkness, friend, and tell you how to get from having not enough vespene gas, to dropping nukes on a flight of whimsy.


Step 1. Pick a race.

Starcraft 2 provides the player with a choice between the 3 classic Starcraft races: Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss.

– Terrans (a.k.a humans) come with extremely versatile units and buildings, that can be adapted to deal with different situations on the fly. Use them if you like to feel balanced and prepared.

-Zerg. Nasty aliens that are a combination of xenomorphs and plain ol’ bugs. They expand quickly, and produce units quickly. Use them if you like building huge armies fast.

-Protoss. Cool psychic aliens who have kind of an Egyptian aesthetic for their buildings and units. Their units are more expensive and take longer to build, but are more powerful per individual unit. Use them if you like having smaller, more potent armies.

Step 2. The game’s started. What do I do?

Once the game has begun, there are two main things you need to start with.

1. Take your miners (SCVs, probes, or drones, depending on your race) and have them begin gathering minerals.

2. As minerals come in, produce more miners to increase your income.

3. Eventually, build refinery-type buildings on top of the vespene geysers so you can collect gas.

Make sure to create plenty of workers. Lots of ’em, in fact. To maximize efficiency at each base, you’ll want 3 per gas node, and about 2 per mineral node. Note that this isn’t a case where more workers always equals more income. After a certain point, more workers aren’t really adding very much.

Step 3. Supply and demand.

As your army increases, you’ll notice that your supply counter keeps going up until it hits your maximum, and then you can’t produce any new units any more. You’ll need to start making supply depots/pylons/overlords to continue production. Ideally, you should start building the supply building whenever your supplies are 1 away from being maxed out, for example, if you have 8/9 supplies used.

Step 4. Profit

Once you’ve got the supply room, start making your first military production building. Early on in a match, there won’t be many available, so it’ll be easy to determine which one to use. From there, you need to start pumping out military units, and viola! You’re on your way to Starcraft 2 dominance!

More general tips you’ll need to know:

-Expand! If you’ve got the spare resources, build an extra home building so you can gather more materials from a new area. Make sure to do this well before the materials in your home base start running out, so you don’t ever run dry and run out of income.

-Keep spending your buckos! Materials that are sitting there are materials wasted. If you’ve got spare vespene/minerals, spend it on upgrades, new buildings, or new units. Remember, spend, spend, spend!

-Hotkey buildings so you can keep spending even in the midst of combat. If you press CTRL and a number at the same time, it’ll save whatever group of units you had selected to that number. From there, all you have to do is press that number and it’ll pull that group right back up. You can use it to group your military units together for easy access during battle, and I also recommend that you use it to group similar types of buildings together, so you can continue to produce units even while fighting.

-Scout the enemy! Keep an eye on what they’re building, and prepare appropriate countermeasures. You see, every unit in SC2 has a counterpart that is very potent against it. If you send in a unit to the enemies base and see that he has a huge army of unit Y, pull up the in-game help option and see what unit Y is weak against! It lists units that are viable counters for every unit, so that if you see the enemy building one type of unit, you know what you should build to prepare.

-Don’t limit yourself to one building of each type! If you’re producing military units from a building, it’s recommended that you have 3,4, or more of that building type, so you can pump out the units that much faster.

-Make good use of your queen, command center, and chrono boosts! Each race gets a special bonus to go along with their home bases, so make sure to use them plenty!

-Do some beginner battles against the ‘Very Easy’ level AI, so you can get a good feel for the game while having a very relaxing battle against a non-aggressive enemy.

– If you’re playing as the Terrans or Protoss, then wall in! Often people like to ‘rush’ your base- build a few basic military units and spank your poor miners to death, ensuring themselves a quick and easy victory. If you’re playing as the Terrans, build your first couple of supply depots and your first barracks right in front of your base’s entrance ramp, to prevent units from rushing in and destroying your miners. Similarly, if you’re the protoss, build pylons and gateways close together so that your zealots fit in between them in single file, forcing potential enemies to funnel into that tight spot one at a time for easy pickings, 300 style. If you’re the zerg, just pop out plenty of zerglings. You don’t have to worry about getting rushed as much because you can rush your enemy with ease. There’s a reason the term ‘Zerg Rush’ exists.

-Don’t be afraid to lose! It will happen! Just remember that losing in Starcraft 2 is no big deal, and as long as you’re having fun it’s all ok!

Hopefully this guide can help set you on your way to crushing any hapless fools who come against you in Starcraft 2!

If you come up against me, take it easy. After all, I’m a noob 😉

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  1. Sonovil says:

    Very nice man! That’s a really noob-friendly guide! I’m a noob myself and I must say you helped me a lot!

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