A review of 4th Edition D&D’s Player’s Handbook 3: Part 2

| March 31, 2010


Welcome back, faithful reader! As promised, here is the middle part of three for the epic review of 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragon’s Player’s Handbook 3!

A review of 4th Edition D&D’s Player’s Handbook 3: Part 1

| March 29, 2010


Player’s Handbook 2 introduced the Primal power source, so just to keep with the theme of one new power source per book the Player’s Handbook 3 introduces Psionics. Psionics have a legion of fans out there so a lot of people have been clamoring for this book. I’ve actually found Psionics pretty annoying in the past, but this time around I actually like it. They feel more Jedi-like and less like an overpowered version of the normal magic system. Beyond Psionics, this book also introduces Skill powers and Hybrid Classes. Where the Player’s Handbook 2 pretty much fleshed out all of the original classes from 3rd Edition’s PHB, this book finally gives us the Monk while also giving us some of the most revolutionary material we’ll probably get all year.

A Review of 4th Edition Martial Power 2

| March 26, 2010


This is a sequel to the class expanding Martial Power. Wizards of the Coast has managed to make their previous books not just rehashes of the same formulas to try to make another sale. These books are about evolving Dungeons and Dragons better and faster than in 3rd Edition’s entire lifespan. As to be expected, this isn’t just a clone of Martial Power with some switched around bells and whistles.

Interview: Ken Frederick, Artist (Aleksander Christov: Assassin, Zuda Competitor)

| March 22, 2010


Earlier this month, Papa Llama interviewed Janine Frederick, writer and creator of Aleksander Christov: Assassin which is an entry in this month’s competition for a contract with DC’s Comics online division Zuda. While he was in New York last week, Nick caught up with Janine’s husband Ken who does the art for AC:A. Here’s a little bit of what […]

Interview: Paul Dini (Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn, Ewoks, and Pomegranate Blackberry Yogurt)

| March 19, 2010

Paul Dini, writer for comics and cartoons based on the DC Comics line of characters, has had a huge influence on American television over the past fifteen years. He’s been a writer and often a producer of animated shows including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman: The Animated Series, and […]

Interview: Michael Farah and Zane DeGaine, Bernie’s BOT (Zuda Competitor)

| March 17, 2010

Writer Mike Farah and artist Zane DeGaine have created the comic Bernie’s BOT for the current Zuda Comics competition, that monthly battle to see which of ten creative teams can win a contract to keep producing their story for DC Comics’ online division. Mike has been through this once before. His previous Zuda entry, the black and white […]

You Can’t Do That on the Internet- New Game Idea

| March 15, 2010

You Can

Interview: Janine Frederick, Creator of Aleksander Christov: Assassin (Zuda Competitor)

| March 4, 2010

Aleksander Christov: Assassin - at ZudaComics.com

We love talking to competitors in each monthly Zuda Comics competition, webcomic creators who are competing for votes, views, and 5-star ratings that will earn 1 of the 10 creators (or creative teams) a contract to keep producing that comic for DC Comics’ online Zuda division. Every month’s competition is a different story in and of itself. This month […]