Bioshock 2 Review: Another Trip Under the Sea

| February 26, 2010


Video game developer 2K’s hit game “Bioshock” won multiple awards for 2007’s Game of the Year, from television shows like Spike TV’s “Video Game Awards” and G4’s “X-Play” to magazines like IGN and Game Informer. The sequel, “Bioshock 2,” has a high standard to uphold. Is it successful? That depends on whether the player wants a return home or a revolution.

Award-Winning Best Worst Movie Coming to Theaters

| February 25, 2010

Best Worst Movie documentary trailer

Troll 2 is known as the “best worst movie” for many reasons. We unabashedly love this movie. Unlike Ed Wood’s masterpieces of terrible filmmaking, Troll 2 has no slow parts. It’s interesting and mind bogglingly weird from beginning to end. After the Action Flick Chick reviewed it (“Troll 2 (1990): Reasons Not to Eat Green […]

Interview: Goldilock Returns (Zuda Winner Adam Lucas)

| February 23, 2010


In September we talked to Adam Lucas about his webcomic Goldilock, which he’d entered in that month’s competition for a contract with DC Comics’ Zuda online division. And lo and behold, Adam won! Tomorrow Goldilock returns to Zuda, launching its weekly run that will add 52 more pages to the 8 we already saw during the contest. […]

Interview: Monsterplex Artist David Schlotterback (Zuda Competitor)

| February 22, 2010


Early this month we spoke with SuperFogeys creator Brock Heasley about another comic he has written, Monsterplex, a comedic entry in DC Comics’ February Zuda competition. Monsterplex was #1 at the time. Island Alone has moved into first place, but Monsterplex is running strong. So this week we asked Brock’s Monsterplex artist Dave Schlotterback about the whole […]

Convention Report: TempleCon 2010

| February 15, 2010

Courtesy of TempleCon Guest writer Jessa Phillips blogs at TempleCon kicked off the 2010 New England gaming convention schedule this past weekend. Taking over the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island, 2010 celebrated the event’s fifth year, bringing players together from all forms of gaming. Billed as an event experience unlike any gaming convention, […]

Guest Artist: Rocket Llama by Ryan Estrada

| February 14, 2010


We’re seeing plenty of Zuda this month. We’ve interviewed the creators of the both of the comics that are running neck and neck for 1st and 2nd place in the February, 2010, competition to win a contract with DC Comic’s online division. Brock Heasley talked to us about Monsterplex and then Shawn Aldridge wanted to […]

Interview: Island, Alone (Zuda Competitor Shawn Aldridge)

| February 12, 2010


Every month’s competition for a contract with DC Comics’ online division Zuda gives us interesting new turns of events as readers rate and vote on ten new comics. This week Shawn Aldridge’s Island, Alone has moved up into the #1 spot. We spoke with writer Shawn right before the comic reached the top. We started […]

You Can’t Do That on the Internet- How Evolution Works

| February 8, 2010

You Can

Interview: Monsterplex (Zuda Competitor Brock Heasley)

| February 5, 2010

Monsterplex - this month at Zuda Comics!

Check out out this pic from the Monsterplex team – as of this writing, it’s exclusive to our site. If you’ve read Monsterplex in the January Zuda Comics competition, spot the character that has not yet appeared in the comic. Monsterplex – Also read Brock’s webcomic The SuperFogeys at Llama: In Monsterplex, you’ve given us a […]