Katrina Is G4’s Woman of the Web!

| December 30, 2009

Action Flick Chick Defeats Everyone copy

That’s right folks, Katrina is G4’s woman of the web! The Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill has overcome all foes handily! Watch G4’s Women of the Web 2 special to see Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill in action! From everyone at Rocketllama.com, GO KATRINA!

Happy Holidays from Rocket Llama and Action Flick Chick

| December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from RL and AFC pic

To celebrate the holidays, follow the link below to find a very special holiday wallpaper that I prepared for all you good boys and girls! Any naughty boys and girls… well, I guess it’s ok if you get this wallpaper too. Happy holidays from all of us at www.Rocketllama.com and www.Actionflickchick.com! http://www.rocketllama.com/images/Wallpapers/RL%20presents-%20Merry%20Christmas%20from%20Rocketllama%20and%20Action%20Flick%20Chick.jpg

The quantum Thundercats phenomenon

| December 22, 2009


In the 1980’s, Rankin/Bass stumbled onto cartoon gold when they created… Thundercats! Yes, Thundercats, A cartoon about a team of animal-themed people fighting badguys in an other-worldly, sci-fi setting! Also a popular comic book and toy line, Thundercats was a major force in the 1980’s little kid demographic. And it’s no wonder, I mean, friggin’ […]

Interview: One Hit Knock-Out (Maximo V. Lorenzo, Zuda Competitor)

| December 21, 2009

Maximo V. Lorenzo on a good day.

Welcome our guest writer, A Boy Named Art, as he discusses a current entry in DC Comics’ monthly Zuda Comics competition with its creator, Maximo V. Lorenzo. One Hit Knock-Out, currently sitting in first place in the December Zuda balloting, is at heart about a kid who wants to be a hero – you know, […]

Interview: Villain (Zuda Competitor Greg Smallwood)

| December 19, 2009


Each month DC Comics pits comics creators against  each other to compete for a contract producing their webcomic series for DC’s online division, Zuda Comics. This month two different entries focus on costumed superpeople, and this week we’re interviewing the creators of both. A few days ago we spoke with Luciano Vecchio whose work The Unseen Tribe […]

Rocket Llama Presents- Present Pro-Tips

| December 18, 2009


Dungeons and Dragons Ritual Report 2 – Levels 6-10

| December 16, 2009


Alex here, back again with another edition of Ritual Report! Again, there are plenty of stat boosting spells that I’ve skipped, but you don’t really need me to tell you why it might be useful to have +10 to a strength check or breathe underwater, so I’ll leave you to figure those spells out on […]

Interview: The Unseen Tribe (Zuda Competitor Luciano Vecchio)

| December 15, 2009


Our series of interviews with competitors in DC Comics’ monthly Zuda contests continues this week with a pair of interviews with current competitors, featuring the creators of comics featured costumed superfolks. Later this week we’ll speak with Greg Smallwood, creator of Villain, but let’s start with Luciano Vecchio about his work, The Unseen Tribe. Llama: […]

You Can’t Do That on the Internet – Big Sale

| December 14, 2009

You Can

D&D Ritual Report – Levels 1-5

| December 7, 2009


Magic is a staple of D & D with a long, grand tradition behind it. Wizards, clerics, druids and all of their offshoots have always been able to summon incredible, world altering powers in order to triumph over whatever trials and tribulations have been placed in front of them. 3rd edition spellcasters were especially potent, […]