Forum Fridays: Homebrew Classes

| October 30, 2009


Forum Friday is here again! This time, I take a look at homebrewed classes…

DM’s Curtain: Winding the Wheels Again

| October 29, 2009

The first in a new series of articles

The first in a new series of articles! Nick offers his insights on creating a new 4th Edition D&D campaign.

Interview: Sidewise Author Dwight L. MacPherson Part One: Why Do Webcomics?

| October 29, 2009

Earlier in the summer, the 8-page webcomic “pilot” Sidewise by writer Dwight L. MacPherson and artist Igor Noronha won the monthly competition for a year-long contract to continue the series through DC Comic’s online division, Zuda Comics. Now, after Zuda’s normal three-month post-competition hiatus, Sidewise has returned for another 12 months and 52 more pages. We love […]

Interview: Ti West (Dead & Lonely, House of the Devil) Pt. 2

| October 28, 2009

Justin Rice in Dead & Lonely episode 2, "Making Contact"

Previous posts: Review: Dead & Lonely on Interview: Ti West (Dead & Lonely, Cabin Fever II) Pt. 1 Spoilers! If you’ve been watching the IFC web series Dead & Lonely, then you’ve seen episode one end with a view of the red haired girl Lee’s fangs identifying her to us as the vampire and […]

Interview: Ti West (Dead & Lonely, Cabin Fever II) Pt. 1

| October 26, 2009

Paige Stark in Dead & Lonely episode 1, "Date or Die"

Last week I spoke with Ti West who created, wrote, and directed Dead & Lonely.

Dead & Lonely: “IFC Original five episode web series DEAD & LONELY, written, produced and directed by cult indie horror filmmaker Ti West (The Roost, Trigger Man, The House Of The Devil) premieres on today at noon ET/PT. Each additional episode will air every night this week on at noon. In this series, two lonely Los Angeles singles are brought together via an Internet dating website called The only problem is that one of them is a vampire.”

You Can’t Do that on the Internet- Two Clowns

| October 23, 2009

You Can

Clowns are nature’s candy.

Review: Dead & Lonely on

| October 23, 2009


I watched the series already. It really is worth your time. It has humor, it has tension, and it has some surprises along the way. In the brief time you have to get to know these characters, you can actually come to care about what happens to them and how. Each five-minute episode ends with a vampire-related cliffhanger until they reach their big finish. I will warn, though: If you watch that first episode while hoping to see the girl drop her towel, you’ll be disappointed. The whole thing is fit for broadcast TV.

Forum Fridays: House Rules

| October 23, 2009


This is just a compilation of house rules I found on a thread called “What are your house rules?” where people listed short and sweet summaries of what kind of stuff they do in their D&D campaigns. Here, I’m going to break down why I think some are pretty nifty, to pretty mediocre, to pretty stupid.

You Can’t Do That on the Internet: Through the Fire and the PSAs

| October 22, 2009


Rockin’ guitar solo!

Ranger Across the Tabletop

| October 21, 2009


The Ranger is one of my favorite classes. In 3rd Edition is was far too easy to crank their damage up to 11 by picking a few select feats and making sure to have a nice attack bonus. What made them really wonderful was part of what made the Paladin wonderful. They were a class that could physically attack their target but had more options because of their access to spells. A lot of people love these guys because of some classic characters in literature that were Rangers, guys like Aragorn or Drizzt.