Interview: Goldilock (Zuda Competitor Adam Lucas)

By - September 25, 2009

From Goldilock by Adam Lucas.

From Goldilock by Adam Lucas.

Each month Zuda Comics (DC Comics’ webcomic line) strands the creators of ten online comics on an island in that great contest called Survivor – Zuda. We all get the opportunity to vote them off the island. At the end of the month, the sole survivor gets to go home alone and with a contract to keep creating his or her comic while the rest remain stranded, left to their own devices while they try to build a radio out of coconuts. Or something like that.
The last Zuda competitor we interviewed was Adam Atherton, whose entry Lily of the Valley then won. Atherton’s ongoing Lily series will finally launch this October. Maybe we’ll revisit him then. This month we’re talking to another Adam: Adam Lucas whose comic Goldilock is presently leading the pack. But in Survivor – Zuda, there are no exemptions to protect anyone and the competition always has the potential to shock everyone with its outcome.
Adam Lucas (probably the one on the left).

Adam Lucas (probably the one on the left).

Rocket Llama HQ: As we speak, your comic is #1 in the Zuda competition. How does that feel? We imagine you’re feeling a lot of different things.

Adam Lucas: It’s definitely thrilling. The prospect of getting to actually write and draw my own story would be a dream come true for me. I’ve never been so excited, nervous and hopeful all at the same time. It’s also been very exhausting! Just getting the word out about Goldilock seems to be the hardest part.


Rocket Llama HQ: People keep commenting on how beautiful your art is. Some comments compared your style to anime and even Hentai. How would YOU describe the look of your art?

Adam Lucas: Haha. Okay, ONE guy said Hentai…(I think that might scare people.) Much more tame than that (still laughing), but anime is absolutely a big influence in my style.

Cartoons in general are a big part of my inspiration. For Goldilock, I really wanted to attempt to give it the look of an 80’s cartoon like Voltron or Thundercats. I wanted to give the whole project a feeling of nostalgia from that time period, but with broader characters and a slightly more up to date look.

Rocket Llama HQ: What do you feel has influenced your style of art?

Adam Lucas: I’m a HUGE Miyazaki nut. I love his films. Katsuhiro Otomo creator of Domu and Akira. Jim Lee. LeSean Thomas. They’re all huge influences of mine in how I try and approach a piece. I like bright colors and flashy action.

Rocket Llama HQ: And what has influenced your style of storytelling?

Adam Lucas: For Goldilock, a lot of my inspiration was drawn from stories like Jurassic Park, Tarzan, The Forever War, Armor. I really wanted to make sure to try and have good characters and watch how they react to the events around them and in turn each other. Seeing how people change when extraordinary events happen to them is a big theme in Goldilock. Like in The Walking Dead or Girls.


Rocket Llama HQ: What’s the central conflict in this story?

Adam Lucas: Ah, that is still to be revealed! But so far a team of scientists have been sent to a new Earth-like planet discovered in “The Goldilocks Zone” of a nearby solar system. They are looking to find a place for humanity to start over. Something is starting to happen on Earth and it’s time we humans start looking for a new place to crash. It follows the team as they document the terrain and life on Goldilock almost like Lewis and Clark. Everyday is a new discovery.

Rocket Llama HQ: What part of the story are you looking forward to the most?

Adam Lucas: The little moments when characters really shine. I really want people to get to know these guys and gals cause they’re going to be put through Hell. This seems to be an entirely pre-civilized world. But of course, with an alien planet comes alien life. Lots of fun things planned. Big and small.


Rocket Llama HQ: Do you see ways for Zuda to improve their system?

Adam Lucas: I wouldn’t mind 2 winners a month. Each month we all say more than one comic should have won. There are some really quality comics that haven’t won Zuda, but what Zuda does do is give them that chance. And possibly different competitions for Teams and Solo creators.

Rocket Llama HQ: We’ve seen several occasions when someone who had been the Zuda frontrunner for most of the month lost when someone else surged ahead in the last 48 hours. Is this causing you to do anything differently in the last week of the contest?

Adam Lucas: I started in 3rd place! Haha. It took me what seemed like an enternity to finally get up to 1st. Now with the end less than a week away, my strategy is to hold on for dear life and pray. I would love for people to come check it out and vote. It would be absolutely amazing to be able to continue this story on.

Rocket Llama HQ: Ideally where do you hope this takes your career?

Adam Lucas: I would love to win and be able to just focus on making Goldilock the best possible comic I can. I see myself being able to continue Goldilock on for a very long time. After that, more comics!

Hmm, which one looks serious enough to write that webcomic?

Hmm, which one looks serious enough to write that webcomic?

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  2. Sean says:

    Adam’s art is the bomb, but his storytelling is just as great.
    I highly recommend everyone checking it out.

  3. Silvia Mabie says:

    Ohhh I love Adam and I loved reading more about his work and what makes him tick! Thank you soooo much for featuring him on your site! I will be praying and voting for him to win!

  4. Laz says:

    Cool interview. I’ve been waiting for this to hit Zuda. I hope you win Adam!

  5. RKB says:

    cool interview, I enjoyed reading it.

  6. SHEILA says:

    Hey Adam : I just read this interview…really enjoyed hearing more about GOLDILOCK!!
    Sounds so interesting and would love for it to continue so we can hear more of the story…my favorite subject..ALIENS. We are right there with you to the finish line…..loooooooove!

  7. SHEILA says:


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