Exclusive Aion gameplay footage from San Diego Comic-Con 09!

| July 31, 2009


Aion is an upcoming MMO that’s primarily based in China and Korea, and it’s getting localized to some english speaking regions, so get pumped by the incredible, epic footage of such an exciting game. (NOTE: The footage comes from the hectic comic-con floor, so keep that in mind when you watch it.)

Left 4 Dead 2 Exclusive gameplay footage from San Diego Comic-Con 09!

| July 30, 2009


Left 4 Dead 2?!?!?! Can it be?!?! It can, in fact. Here’s 3 of the choicest videos we collected whilst at Comic-Con, each of which highlights some gameplay aspects new to Left 4 Dead 2 including, but not limited to: -New weapons! -New special infected: The Spitter. This nasty zombie spits molten vomit at your […]

You Can’t Do That on the Internet: The Madness of Comic-Con- JUSTIN

| July 30, 2009


Note: This is based on actual crazy kids from the Comic-Con floor.

Saboteur gameplay exclusive from San Diego Comic-Con!

| July 29, 2009


Saboteur is an upcoming game from EA set in WWII. The game will contain both stealth and action elements, as well as making use of color as a key element of gameplay. (NOTE: The footage comes from the hectic comic-con floor, so keep that in mind when you watch it.)

Stan Lee

| July 28, 2009

Alex Langley (left) with Stan Lee (awesome) at the Hard Rock Hotel. San Diego.

Stan “The Man” Lee, creator and/or co-creator of the Amazing Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the Mighty Avengers, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Giant-Man, the winsome Wasp, Doctor Doom, Mole Man, the Impossible Man, the Abomination, the Leader, Doctor Octopus, J. Jonah Jameson, the Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, the Green Goblin, Doctor Strange, and character after character for Marvel Comics.

First Thoughts on Bayonetta: San Diego Comic-Con 09

| July 28, 2009


Bayonetta is an upcoming action game from Hideki Kamiya, creator of the Devil May Cry series as well as Okami. I recently spent some time playing this powerhouse of a game, and here’s my thoughts on it. Anyone familiar with the Devil May Cry series will feel right at home with Bayonetta, with its emphasis […]

San Diego Comic-Con 09: Exclusive Brutal Legend Gameplay Footage

| July 27, 2009

Yet another brilliant exclusive from the folks at Rocket Llama HQ! Visit www.rocketllama.com for more fantastic comic-con ’09 coverage, as well as continuing coverage of video games, tv, movies, comic books, tabletop games and more! (NOTE: The footage comes from the hectic comic-con floor, so keep that in mind when you watch it.)

Marko Crosses the Country to Comic-Con – By Bus!

| July 26, 2009

Even in San Diego, Marko still had buses to deal with. Left to right: Nick Langley, Marko Head, Carly Cate, Greg Fischer.

When our crew went to Comic-Con International in San Diego, our pal Marko of Marko’s Corner traveled by bus. Marko told his tale in tweets via twitter. Here, in messages of 140 characters or less, is what he shared along the way…

The 2nd Most Surreal Moment of My Day: Batman and Papa Llama Meet the Incredible Hulk

| July 25, 2009

Left to right: Lou

I’d met Lou before (like when I took the photos during Action Flick Chick’s interview with him) and obviously so has Adam many times. In fact, Lou once discussed Adam with me, but Alex liked the Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man type title so I went with it. Before our panel, Adam called and asked if I could […]

My Conversation With Batman (Robin Couldn’t Make It)

| July 24, 2009

Adam West and Dr. Travis Langley (Papa Llama) discuss their upcoming panel on the psychopathy of the Joker. Photo by Adam

As we mentioned previously (“Catch Us at Comic-Con 2009 (with Adam West update)”), Adam West agreed this past week to join our panel at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International convention on the psychology of the Joker, specifically on the character’s potential psychopathy. It was already one heck of a group even without Adam, but in addition to Dr. Rosenberg’s question about psychopathy, I wanted to add some discussion regarding how the role affects the actors. Having produced the last six films, Michael Uslan can tell us some things about Nicholson and Ledger – and now Adam can help us compare that to how Cesar Romero related to the part.