Interview: Brian Posehn (Don’t Pester Him in the Men’s Room)

| April 27, 2009


During WonderCon, we spoke with Brian Posehn – 6′ 6.6″ tall actor, stand-up comic, and author of the graphic novel The Last Chrismas about zombies vs. Santa Claus. After Brian spoke with some fans who stopped by, we veered into the interview.

Interview: The Mecha-Simian Action Squad (Zuda Competitors)

| April 22, 2009


We spoke with the creative team behind Mecha-Simian, a science fiction/superhero parody starring a cybernetic ape. The team: Rich Lovatt (writer and creator), Gregory Woronchak (artist), Lisa Moore (colorist), Amadarwin (letterer).

Racism and Robots

| April 19, 2009


So I was kind of surprised to learn that there are a lot of anime fans out there that think all anime characters are caucasian. I watched this video on it and it got me thinking about the way they draw some american characters. I thought back to a graphic novel I read called Batman: […]

Draggin’ Ball Z

| April 17, 2009


The Dragon Ball Z movie is here… and it is not doing well at the box office. Who… who wanted this to happen? I mean, obviously, someone thought that someone would want to watch the thing, but seriously?

Iliza Shlesinger is hotter than Tyra Banks

| April 12, 2009

Iliza with an I.

…the audacity of them contacting Iliza to give her a makeover makes me hate her more. Have you ever seen Iliza? She’s very, very hot. Like, seriously. I’ve got a thing for funny women, but even asides from that she’s undeniably pretty. And she’s funny! Did I mention that already?

Balrogs, Dragons, and You

| April 10, 2009


I’ve also purchased and sunk my teeth into Never Winter Nights 2: Gold, which is NWN2 and its first expansion, Mask of the Betrayer, all conveniently stuck together for my enjoyment. The game is… well, it’s a freaking amazing 3rd edition D & D simulator.

Pixar Wants to Kill Your Inner Child

| April 6, 2009


I bet Toy Story 3 will make me cry every fifteen minutes (And probably within the first 5 if it opens with a montage of Andy growing up and all of his toys slowing migrating out of his room until Woody is the only one left). If memory serves me correctly, I’ve never cried at a movie.

How Far the Noble Hath Fallen

| April 4, 2009

Vince Shlomi, ShamWow!, and arrest wow.

Vince, as in the guy behind Sham-wow, has been arrested, and Wolverine is a kid named James.