Like a Joaquin From the Flames

By - February 28, 2009

After some exhaustive hands-on time with Street Fighter IV, I’ve come to one all-encompassing conclusion. Dhalsim is freaking worthless. I know there’s probably some of you that are Dhalsim masters, and hear the words YOGA FLAME in your sleep. Well, sure some of you guys are probably great with him. And some of you guys can probably tear faces off using Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. It doesn’t make them good characters, it just makes you guys spend a lot more time getting good with characters that could care less whether they win or lose.

Dhalsim aside, SFIV is much more akin to SF II than SF III, some of you won’t understand what that means at all, some of you will instantly understand (though if you’re hardcore enough to follow that sentence completely, you probably already knew what I was talking about.) I digress, though. Although SF IV is perfectly balanced and plays more like a boxing match of hit-counterhit, I miss the combo-craziness of SFIII. My first 2-D fighters were Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Marvel Vs. Capcom, so I tend to like the more over the top ultimate attacks, the hunter chain combos, and the general wackiness that the Versus series has to offer. That being said, Street Fighter IV is still phenomenal. It has absolutely incredible graphics, and music that’s jam packed with exhilarating remixes of old classic street fighter tunes and brand new musical pieces that get me so pumped I headbutt myself. Overall, the game is so polished it’s kind of blinding me, I’m thinking of suing Capcom over said affliction.

In other news, G4 is cutting two of their main shows, Attack of the Show and X-play, down to four and three times a week, respectively. I am sick to death of hearing about depressing budget cuts in my favorite companies, and the phrase “tough economy.” I whole-heartedly look forward to the time where such phrases aren’t being batted around with such frequency and zeal.

Oh, and Joaquin Phoenix is either completely out of his mind, or a freaking genius.

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