Jeph Loeb Destroys Everything You Love

By - February 9, 2009

Red Hulk Rulk (or Rulkie)

Red Hulk "Rulk" (or "Rulkie")

Jeph Loeb is terrible. First he helps send Heroes spiraling into a hyper-active mess, and now he’s writing Ultimatum, one of the most poorly written pieces of crap I’ve ever read. He’s killing characters left and right without making it personal or dramatic. Infinite Crisis had a TON of people die, but DC also has a GARGANTUAN roster of characters. The Ultimate Universe is small, so you need to keep most of your cast. Geoff Johns also managed to make the important deaths that were in Infinite Crisis really dramatic, not just shocking. Shock value only goes so far. It can be really unsatisfying if you don’t extend the experience a little, much like how Heroes would generally introduce a new idea and spend it in two episodes without really exploring it further. And the Blob eating the Wasp? Really? Frak you, Jeph Loeb.

Ultimatum has been a freakin’ abomination so far, but my main concern is that it doesn’t screw up Ultimate Spider-Man. They’re taking an experimental approach with the Ultimate line of comics, by changing the name to “Ultimate Comics”. Ultimate Spider-Man will start with a new first issue as a comic called “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man”. Bendis is still writing it, so I don’t really care that they’ve given it a new coat of paint, though the new artist David LaFuente is very, very good. Maybe Pete will be close to graduating high school. This would be very exciting because he’d also probably be close to reaching eighteen, which is how old Nick Fury said he’d need to be when he’d join the Ultimates.

Ultimate Spider-Man means a lot to me actually. I first picked it up when I was fourteen when the comic had been around for only a little more than a year at the time. It was what really pulled me into comic books. I haven’t stopped reading it since. It has had its ups and downs, but overall I think Bendis has made an amazing comic that I’m more emotionally invested in than any other comic book out there.

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