Hands on with Force Unleashed

| July 29, 2008

"If only you knew the true power of the Dark Side."

Incoming from Comic-Con: “Force Unleashed” as everyone has called it, was a fantastic. The demo was very different from my time with Dead Space. Instead of the one-on-one experience of you and the booth-worker inside a secluded area from the convention, it was you and the booth-worker and a large crowd of people in middle of the exhibition hall. When I would brutally kill a Stormtrooper, people would cheer. It was exhilarating.

Hands on with Dead Space

| July 28, 2008

Dead Space.

Incoming from Comic-Con: I got some hands-on time with Dead Space for the 360. It was interesting because the booth was set up in a way that your turn with the demo only ended when you died. For most people it was five minutes. I managed to last fifteen. This wasn’t my first time to delve in the pits of Resident Evil 4/Bioshock hell. This was my kind of game for so many reasons.

Incoming from Comic-con: Street Fighter 4!

| July 25, 2008

"Grr, Blanka. Why don

“Grr, Blanka. Why don’t you take your ass back to Brazil and play with the electric eels?” Incoming from Comic Con: Hands-On with Street Fighter 4 Alex here. My experience with SFIV was pretty limited, as you only get one match before you have to swap out. Here’s the breakdown of my experience. I ran […]

The Expected Schedule and Comic-Con

| July 25, 2008

Rocket Llama headwear

Hey, guys. Nick here.
So we’ve launched and everything is looking pretty good. Now I just want to tell you what the planned schedule for the upcoming weeks are going to be. This week is not going to follow this schedule that I spelled out here, though, because we’re going to Comic Con International.

10 of the most over powered video game characters! (Part two)

| July 18, 2008


Behold the face of true power! 10 of the most overpowered video game characters of all time! Part II Continuing my list of the top ten most powerful video game characters, we start off with a character a few of you may be quite familiar with. 4. Nightcrawler- X-Men Legends II. Nightcrawler is a fan […]

10 of the most overpowered video game characters of all time! (Part one)

| July 11, 2008


    Oh-kay! 10 of the most overpowered video game characters of all time! Here’s a list of the ten characters that are astoundingly awesome, superbly super, incredibly incredible. The ten most overpowered video game characters of all time. Rounding out our list the tenth combatant comes out swinging- 10. Ness- Earthbound. Many people know […]

Welcome to Rocket Llama!

| July 4, 2008

“The world’s oldest webcomic – since 1916″  Where to start:   WEBCOMIC Art by Nick Langley  New readers should start with the webcomic version of issue #112, “Trouble in Paradise.”       ASHCAN COPIES Storyboards by Alex Langley  To see them as originally written, start with the ashcan copy (scripted storyboard) for issue #112, “Trouble in Paradise.”          […]

Restoration News: Metropolis Lost, Now Found

| July 4, 2008


Fritz Lang’s Metropolis recovered!