SMASH CLUB: Brad Pitt to Replace Edward Norton as Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers

Now that Marvel has announced that Edward Norton, who played Dr. Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk (2008), will NOT be returning to play the role one more time in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, some fans are outraged and many are speculating on exactly who might take over the role. Remember, Norton himself had replaced […]

Rocket Llama Crew at San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Panels on Digital Comics, Action Chicks, Batman’s Empty Nest, & More

11:30-1:00 Comics Arts Conference Session #6: Digital Comics— Nick Langley (Rocket Llama) gives a brief history of webcomics and evaluates online economic experiments from subscriptions to micropayments – with Brock Heasley (Super Fogeys, Zuda Comics’ Monsterplex).
2:00-3:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #8: Where Are the Action Chicks?— Katrina Hill (, Jill Pantozzi (MTV Splash […]

Geek Girls Conquer San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Do We Ever!

This year, geek girls are conquering San Diego Comic-Con International. Look at all the awesome things we’re up to.
5:30-6:30 Geek Girls Exist— Really? Kristin Rielly (Geek Girls Network) leads a discussion about growing up geek, turning passions into careers, and who shot first. Representing the many awesome aspects of the geek culture, panelists […]

After Zuda Falls, Does Lily Leave the Valley? Interview with Adam Atherton (Lily of the Valley)

Zuda Comics, DC Comics’ webcomic line built on the last couple of years’ worth of monthly competitions in which hopeful creators fought it out to see who’d win the vote and get contracts to produce another year’s worht of comics, is gone. Zip! It was there and then it was not. No fanfare, no forewarning, the website […]

Coming Attraction: Inception (2010)

Christopher Nolan directs the sci-fi thriller Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This film looks like it might actually be worth seeing it in an IMAX theater because it looks disorienting and amazing.The film’s story centers around technology that has the capability to place one person in another person’s mind through dreams. […]

Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope – The Video Submissions, Round 3

Some of those cast in the documentary Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope were notified yesterday, but casting is still in progress. Apparently the casting folks are still looking for specific types of people, including male cosplayers.
For other video auditions for the documentary by Morgan Spurlock, Joss Whedon, and Stan Lee, see previous posts:
* Comic-Con Episode […]