AFC Classic: Most Addictive Video Game? And the Most Annoying?

Action Flick Chick ~ April 22, 2014

ActionChick: Most addictive video game? 5THWDLOGO: All MGS. mainly Metal Gear sons of the patriot ___ notmikestark: Counter Strike… or Everquest (aka EverCRACK) 815k1 815k1: Alex the kid, jenken with…

Freud: The Secret Casebook, Tell Me About Your Profiler

admin ~ April 18, 2014

UK series set in early 20th century Vienna focuses on Sigmund Freud as he applies his controversial new theories to help solve crimes, from The X-Files’ Frank Spotnitz and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan’s Nicholas Meyer. In his novel The Seven Per-Cent Solution, Meyer previously had Freud treat cocaine addict Sherlock Holmes and team up with the detective to solve a mystery.

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"Freud: The Secret Casebook" – Tell Me About Your Profiler

admin ~ April 17, 2014

UK series set in early 20th century Vienna focuses on Sigmund Freud as he applies his controversial new theories to help solve crimes, from The X-Files’ Frank Spotnitz and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan’s Nicholas Meyer. In his novel The Seven Per-Cent Solution, Meyer previously had Freud treat cocaine addict Sherlock Holmes and team up with the detective to solve a mystery.

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AFC Classic: Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Action Flick Chick ~ April 15, 2014

When a movie promises multiple ass kicking Milla Jovoviches, you can bet your balls that I’ll be first in line to see it. I would kill a hobgoblin, ride a…

WonderCon: Batman vs. Jason! Kirk vs. Vader! Who vs. Holmes!

admin ~ April 14, 2014

At WonderCon Anaheim 2014, psychologists and psychiatrists explore science fiction franchises, multicultural heroes, cult TV shows, horror movie slashers, superheroes’ sex lives, and more. How did one psychiatrist change the comic book industry? Can Batgirl overcome paralysis? Can “mommy issues” create a slasher? Who created Batman? And who wants to date a superhero?

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Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Action Flick Chick ~ April 8, 2014

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-0aLet’s just start this review with the one thing that should be on everyone’s mind after they’ve seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Chris Evans has achieved muscular perfection. In the first…

Brick Mansions Trailer

Action Flick Chick ~ April 3, 2014

brick-mansionsThe late Paul Walker wasn’t only filming Fast & Furious 7 before his untimely death, he also was filming a new action film, Brick Mansions, which will come down on theaters like…

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: Rick Takes a Bite Outta Crime!

Action Flick Chick ~ April 1, 2014

5458066_origNobody puts Rick’s Rebels in the corner! Season four of The Walking Dead has come to a close with a nail-biting cliffhanger. While “A” is fantastic, in some ways it…

Batman at 75: The Psychology of Why the Dark Knight Endures

admin ~ March 30, 2014

Batman debuted 75 years ago. Why has this figure that can be both campy Caped Crusader and brooding Dark Knight captivated imaginations so consistently for most of a century? Batman ranks among the world’s best known fictional characters because he is the superhero with no superpowers. We welcome the improbably possible. We have never stopped needing heroes who feel real.

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Superman’s True Disguise: The Power of Social Invisibility

admin ~ March 27, 2014

Superman’s disguise is not about observers being too dumb to recognize him wearing glasses. Writer Jerry Siegel daydreamed about what it would take to get noticed. Clark Kent was no disguise; he was a man confident he was secretly something more. The mild-mannered reporter symbolizes hope to those who know they possess great qualities that other people have yet to see.

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Westboro Baptist Church: Modeling Empathy on the High Road

admin ~ March 24, 2014

With the death of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, many have suggested protesting outside his funeral because of the many funerals where WBC members themselves have stirred things up. Some people, however, have found a better way by demonstrating empathy and compassion. One Westboro member might not understand, but others could potentially reassess.

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TV Round Up: Penny Dreadful, AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, and More!

Action Flick Chick ~ March 23, 2014

Poltergeist movieAt SXSW I got a look at a few new TV series (serii? How do you pluralize series?) that you can look forward to checking out soon. Here’s a round…

Risky Sessions: Superheroes on the (Steel-Reinforced) Couch

admin ~ March 22, 2014

Andrew Lesk of the University of Toronto has prepared a working bibliography of psychiatrists and psychologists appearing as characters in graphic novels and comic books, most of them as meaningful players in the plot and not simply as facilitators of the main characters’ analyses.

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Veronica Mars: The Movie: The Review

Action Flick Chick ~ March 18, 2014

veronica-mars-movie-posterWhat an age we live in! Beloved cult show (and one of my all-time fave series) Veronica Mars has returned— and it’s on the big screen! For the two of…

South By Southwest ’14: South By Suckage!

Action Flick Chick ~ March 11, 2014

sxswOkay, baby birds, I know momma Action Chick hasn’t fed you in a while, but I’ll have a Walking Dead-flavored meal coming soon, I promise. Right now I’m decompressing from…

The Walking Dead 4-11: Mullets and Spray Cheese

Action Flick Chick ~ February 25, 2014

abraham-eugene-rosita-the-walking-dead-season-4-amcYou wouldn’t think an episode about someone slinking around a house trying not to be noticed would be all that interesting, but The Walking Dead shows otherwise. “Claimed” claims more…

The Walking Dead 4-10: Climb on the Magic School Bus

Action Flick Chick ~ February 22, 2014

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-SiteBOOM! Okay, baby birds, Momma Action Chick has been pretty busy this week gearing up for SXSW and helping run a Kickstarter (which you should totally check out if you…

Legends of the Knight Documentary Explores Power of Stories

admin ~ February 16, 2014

The documentary “Legends of the Knight” looks at how stories inspire people, as demonstrated by more than a dozen accounts of how one fictional superhero with no superpowers helped real human beings to overcome challenges. Psychologists featured in the film use the character and stories effectively in educational and therapeutic environments. Worldwide, Batman inspires.

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Help Kickstart “Kill the Freshman,” a Girl-Powered Graphic Novel

Action Flick Chick ~ February 16, 2014

e6f8f190a234ea5f767a4cd230864b4c_largeYou guys know that I’m not one to go around championing Kickstarters willy-nilly, but this is a project very near and dear to my heart. Kill the Freshman is a…

Texas Frightmare Weekend Adds Michael Parks to Impressive Lineup

Action Flick Chick ~ February 15, 2014

TFW_2011For one weekend in May you can meet some of the horror genre’s most legendary actors at Texas Frightmare Weekend- including the newly-announced  Michael Parks, known for being in Twin…

The Walking Dead 4.9: Carl’s in Charge

Action Flick Chick ~ February 11, 2014

the-walking-dead-after-carl-doorThe Walking Dead has returned for the last half of season four. After the tense, emotional, absolutely nuts mid-season finale, the subdued nature of “After” feels like a welcome change,…

Coming Attraction: Divergent (2014)

Action Flick Chick ~ February 6, 2014

la_ca_0708_divergent“Divergent,” the best-selling YA novel, makes its way onto the big screen like so many other YA adaptations before it. The books, though they have their strong points, are very…

AFC Classic: Which Apocalypse Are You Ready For?

Action Flick Chick ~ January 30, 2014

Skynet became self-aware a few weeks ago, the CDC released its zombie prep guide this week, and some people expect a pre-apocalypse today. ActionChick: How many of you are getting…

Review: Devil’s Due- Due Not See This Movie

Action Flick Chick ~ January 21, 2014

Devils-Due-International-PosterBeing pregnant seems like it sucks… doubly so if your baby is the antichrist. With Devil’s Due, we have another “horror” film using a mixture of hand held footage and stationary surveillance…