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J [+] this list can occasionally be delayed for a few days.   A Airman (comics) Alias the Spider Amazing-Man (Centaur Publications) American Ace (Timely Comics) American Crusader Angel (Timely Comics) Aquaman Arrow (comics) Atom (Al Pratt) Avenger (fictional character) B Black Condor Black Marvel Black Terror Blazing Skull Blonde Phantom Blue Beetle Blue Bolt Blue Diamond (comics) Blue Tracer Bouncer (Fox Feature Syndicate) Bozo the Iron Man Slam Bradley Bronze Man (comics) Bucky Bulletman and Bulletgirl C Captain America Captain Freedom Captain Marvel (DC Comics) Captain Marvel Jr. Captain Triumph Cat-Man and Kitten Challenger (comics) Citizen V The Clock Crimson Avenger D Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications) Destroyer (Timely Comics) Doctor Fate Doll Girl Doll Man Pat Dugan Dynamic Man (Dynamic Publications) Dynamic Man (Timely Comics) Dynamo (Fox Feature Syndicate) F Face (Columbia Comics) Fantom of the Fair Fantomah Father Time (Marvel Comics) Fiery Mask Fighting Yank Fin (comics)  F cont. Flame (comics) G Flash (Jay Garrick) Shock Gibson Maximo, the Amazing Superman Golden Girl The Green Hornet Green Lama Green Mask Grim Reaper (Nedor) H Hawkman (Carter Hall) Hawkgirl Human Bomb Human Torch (android) I Ibis the Invincible Invaders (comics) Invisible Hood Iron Munro J Jack Frost (Marvel Comics) The Jester (Quality Comics) Judy of the Jungle Justice Society of America L Laughing Mask Lance Lewis, Space Detective Liberty Legion Lady Luck (comics) M Jeffrey Mace Magno (DC Comics) Makkari (comics) Marvel Family Mary Marvel Masked Marvel (Centaur Publications) Master Man (Fawcett Comics) Master Mind Excello Merlin the Magician (comics) Doctor Mid-Nite Miss America (DC Comics) Miss America (Marvel Comics) Miss America (comics) Mister E (Timely Comics) N Namor Namora Neon the Unknown O Doctor Occult The Owl (Dell Comics) P Merry Pemberton Sylvester Pemberton Phantom Lady Phantom Reporter Phantom (comics) Plastic Man Rose Psychic R Ray (comics)  R cont. Red Bee (comics) Red Raven Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel) Red Torpedo Robotman (Robert Crane) Rockman (comics) S Samson (Fox Feature Syndicate) Sandman (Wesley Dodds) Sargon the Sorcerer Speed Saunders Doc Savage Alan Scott Sheena, Queen of the Jungle Shining Knight Silver Scorpion Skyman (Columbia Comics) Spectre (comics) Spider Queen Spider Widow Spirit of '76 (comics) Stardust the Super Wizard Doc Strange Stuff the Chinatown Kid Sun Girl (Marvel Comics) Super Rabbit Superman (Earth-Two) T TNT (comics) Target and the Targeteers Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane) Thin Man (comics) Tex Thomson Tim Mulrooney Toro (comics) U Uncle Sam (comics) V V-Battalion V-Man Venus (Marvel Comics) Miss Victory Vigilante (comics) Vision (Timely Comics) W The Whip (comics) Whizzer (Robert Frank) Wildcat (comics) Wildfire (Golden Age) The Woman in Red (comics) Wonder Man (Fox Publications) Captain Wonder (Timely Comics) Y Yankee Girl Yellowjacket (Charlton) Young Allies (Marvel Comics) Z Zatara

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